Our Story

When swimsuits were being developed for babies and toddlers, who decided they would mostly be long sleeved but short legged? Who was it that determined from the knees (or for girls, often from the thigh) down didn’t need to be covered?

As two young parents hunting for sun smart swimwear for our precious little minis, these were the perplexing questions that kept us up at night. And, let’s be honest, parents are up through the night often enough as it is!

So, we decided to do our bit to make sun smart swimwear for babies and toddlers more readily accessible for sun savvy parents. Pipi is the swimwear of your (our) dreams for little humans.

With full coverage UPF50+ swimwear in fun, bright patterns (for easily spotting those wandering adventurers who seem determined to get lost), Pipi offers parents’ peace of mind that their little ones are completely protected from the unforgiving sun. And since we use sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly material made from recycled plastic, when you choose Pipi, you’re also doing your bit for the planet. That’s just the kind of considerate people we are. 

We’re on a mission to reduce your sunscreen battles (because greater coverage equals less sunscreen, of course) and help you enjoy safe sunny adventures with your minis. We believe that getting swimwear on and off your kids shouldn’t take a wrestling match. And that all parents deserve more sleep.

We exist so that all of the above is no longer just a pipe dream, but a reality*.


*Unless you’re losing sleep over sun smart swimwear, unfortunately Pipi can’t guarantee you’ll actually get more sleep. But we’ve got our fingers crossed you do!